How do you make choices, approach decisions and deal with dilemmas? How do you select your path?

I specialise in:

  • Systems to support you making meaningful choices
  • Identifying your Life Purpose; increasing meaning and fulfilment 
  • Balancing the rich tapestry of your life on your terms

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”   John C. Maxwell

Experience Your Life in Flow

This sense of integration and meaningful transformation is what coaching offers you.


I’m Bobbie

In coaching we are a partnership of equals. You are the expert on your life, I am skilled in spotting blocks, challenging self-limiting beliefs, evaluating external ‘well-intentioned’ advice, prioritising our precious time. My ‘you-centred’ approach taps into conviction, unlocks potential and injects new energy and direction into life…

Working together, coaching can support you to:

  • Embrace where you are now
  • Get clear on where you want to be
  • Feel confident in your choices
  • Become motivated and energised
  • Increase impact…

Read more about my experience and qualifications here, read about me here, or jump right in and…


"As a result of the coaching, I am much more self-aware and find myself coming back to the targets we have set. You leave me feeling empowered and confident."


"I found our sessions enjoyable, eye-opening, informative, structured, but with the ability to improvise. I looked forward to them and always left wanting more. I always felt I had achieved something, whether it was a strategy, or personal insight, or left with thought provoking ideas. "


"I requested coaching to assist me through the challenges that come with a new career move. The challenge was stepping into a new role as a data analyst which required adapting my communication and social skills to support a team of marketing managers (here and abroad)..."

"Bobbie is such an insightful listener and very clever at joining threads together from different parts of the conversation. "


"Most of all, the sessions helped me to voice frustrations that had been lying within but I hadn't given myself permission to express yet. I loved the life purpose tool SO MUCH. It felt creative, fun, freeing but also, on a serious note, it helped me to understand what exactly I was trying to achieve on a meta level."


"Bobbie is always welcoming, intuitive and has a real ability to read sub-conscious thought or feelings."

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