Experience Your Life in Flow

This sense of integration and meaningful transformation is what coaching offers you.


I’m Bobbie

I specialise in:

Identifying the impact and source of internal dialogue and addressing any limiting thinking (imposter syndrome, assumptions, perfectionism etc.)

Unlocking new possibilities and choices, discovering new appreciation and applications of your strengths and interests.

Enhancing direction, confidence, meaning and integration so all aspects of life are experienced as a harmonious whole, rather than as a list of roles (employee/er, friend, partner, sibling, parent, carer), chores, anxieties, and obstacles.

Reconnecting you to your autonomy, purpose, and sense of joy in the ordinary while you’re curating the extraordinary.  

My work is not limited to people in certain roles or stages of life. In my coaching I focus on the whole person (we are all human and I have yet to meet someone who is not looking for fulfilment in some area). As such, I love the variety in working across all sectors and with clients of all ages. You and I might be a particularly suitable match if you are at a transition or poised for change (chosen or imposed). For example, moving away from home, choosing a career, starting a business, changing job, becoming a parent, returning to work, retiring.

Read more about my experience and qualifications here, read about me, here, or…


"As a result of the coaching, I am much more self-aware and find myself coming back to the targets we have set. You leave me feeling empowered and confident."


"I found our sessions enjoyable, eye-opening, informative, structured, but with the ability to improvise. I looked forward to them and always left wanting more. I always felt I had achieved something, whether it was a strategy, or personal insight, or left with thought provoking ideas. "


"I requested coaching to assist me through the challenges that come with a new career move. The challenge was stepping into a new role as a data analyst which required adapting my communication and social skills to support a team of marketing managers (here and abroad)..."

"Bobbie is such an insightful listener and very clever at joining threads together from different parts of the conversation. "


"Most of all, the sessions helped me to voice frustrations that had been lying within but I hadn't given myself permission to express yet. I loved the life purpose tool SO MUCH. It felt creative, fun, freeing but also, on a serious note, it helped me to understand what exactly I was trying to achieve on a meta level."


"Bobbie is always welcoming, intuitive and has a real ability to read sub-conscious thought or feelings."

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