Work with Me

The standard fee for a 1-hour coaching session is £65.

I have created the following discounted packages to help you identify the most appropriate programme for you. However, there is always the option to pay as you go, to book single top-up sessions, or to discuss your specific needs with me so we can tailor-make a programme for you.

4 Coaching Hours
Resolve the Issue
Address an issue that will benefit from your focussed attention in 4 sessions of an hour each. For example, resolve a dilemma or make a tricky choice. Experience the impact of a targeted approach and personalised action plan. A popular option for those who have some experience in working with a coach.
8 Coaching Hours
Reveal New Options & Potential
Explore and action fundamental changes in your life with 8 coaching hours over 7 or 8 sessions. Reconnect to your strengths, tame the trait that trips you up, unlock fresh possibilities, create a renewed sense of purpose and flow. A perfect option for those new to the transformative power of coaching.
12 Coaching Hours + contact
Revive Motivation
Realise your long-term plans with 12 coaching hours PLUS contact time between sessions - in the moment speed coaching, refreshers via email, a check-in with me as your accountability partner. Ideal for seeing through big changes or managing ongoing situations at work or home.

What a Coaching Session Includes

On the surface, coaching may seem like a fairly simple process, an hour in conversation. However, you can also be assured of my professional and personal investment between sessions. Part of my commitment to you includes the following both before and after our contact times.

  • Taking time to revisit my client notes and be up to date with you no matter the regularity of sessions
  • Ensuring that I am able to be in the coaching zone for you. I call it “quiet my own to do list”
  • Writing client notes after our session to support your work
  • Reflecting on my work with you to ensure we are opperating as effectively as possible
  • Undertaking extra research related to your goals, or suggesting areas you may wish to explore
  • Ensuring I am working in alignment with the guidlines of the EMCC as an EIA accredited coach, this includes engaging in supervision, CPD, data protection and other best practices as outlined above

Coaching Fees

My fees include all of the above, so you can feel confident that your dedication to your goals will be matched by my own. If you feel you will benefit from coaching but are not in a position to pay these fees, I do have a small capacity for clients on a pay-what-you-can basis. Please contact me for more information on this.


I coach in person (in GU16), on video calls, and over the phone. Some clients also enjoy walking during audio call coaching sessions. All are equally effective and I am happy to work with a combination depending on your preferences.