About Me

“We construct our beliefs, mostly unconsciously, and thereafter they hold us captive. They can help us focus and make us more effective, but sadly, they also can limit us: they blind us to possibility and subject us to fog, fear, and doubt.”
Dave Gray

A fundamental personal conviction is that within every one of us is the capacity to live an integrated and purposeful life. There is also the knowledge that sometimes, it is not entirely clear how to achieve this, experiences can leave us feeling buffeted and off course. Here is where coaching is a powerful catalyst for change, no matter how big or small you need that change to be.

I hold a Guildhall Advanced Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring accredited by the EMCC at Practitioner Level. I also hold a Level 3 Certificate with Distinction in Child Coaching through Oxford Learning. I hold an MSc Education with a focus on coaching and mentoring. I have been coaching since 2019.

In a coaching session with me you will benefit from my intuition, perception, creativity, knowledge, experience and background in research. You can be assured of my thoroughness in preparation, and commitment to CPD (continued professional development) and supervision (a requirement of all accredited coaches). I will work with you innovatively and tenaciously in pursuit of your goals.

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