Issues to Consider

“For me, the fear of shame, the fear of criticism, was so great in my life, up until that point, just paralyzing, that I engineered smallness in my life.” Dr. Brené Brown

This page, ‘Issues to consider’ is not about finding problems to solve but rather about realising that situations we resignedly live with can be addressed and improved in very empowering and life enhancing ways which benefit not only ourselves but those around us too. The following, offers some examples of areas I have worked in together with my clients.

  • Managing work / life balance
  • Developing a portfolio career
  • Completing a large project (website launch, PhD)
  • Presentation / pitching / performance / interview coaching
  • Returning to work as a new parent or after taking time off to raise children
  • Dealing with dilemmas
  • Choosing next steps
  • (Re)building resilience
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Changing persistent self-limiting beliefs, behaviours or habits
  • Addressing imposter syndrome
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Transitioning out of lockdown
  • Changing your thinking
  • Reconnecting with your life purpose and passions

Coaching is person centred rather than problem centred, so if you are experiencing something that is impacting your life no matter what it is, or how big or small, if other strategies have not worked, I suggest you explore it with a coach.

“I wanted to explore work-life balance with a view to manage my stress levels and find a way to enjoy work as a default attitude, rather than experiencing work as an overwhelming assortment of other people’s demands on me. ​This has definitely been addressed, and in really unexpected ways too.” Client