I feel privileged to have worked with these clients who want to share their experiences with you. I am pleased to include the following personal testimonials here, in full.

I think Bobbie is awesome. Our relationship was mutually respectful, there was empathy from both sides and although our relationship was professional, we had fun, laughed and joked.

I felt a sense of trust and safety within our sessions, whereby she was able to ask the tough questions and therefore felt I was in a safe place to be able to answer them honestly without judgement. I found our sessions enjoyable, eye-opening, informative, structured, but with the ability to improvise. I looked forward to them and always left wanting more. I always felt I had achieved something, whether it was a strategy, or personal insight, or left with thought provoking ideas. Using Wheels and Questioning Topics was outstanding. It helped prioritize certain areas of my life and moreover exposed career challenges for me to dig deeper into.

Bobbie is always welcoming, intuitive and has a real ability to read sub-conscious thought or feelings. This attribute, I don’t think can be taught. She seems to have an innate ability to read people, which in coaching I’m sure is a huge asset. It certainly was as we worked together. She’s not afraid to ask tough questions, but does so in a non-judgmental and supporting way. Her coaching process is innate and she has the ability to read between the lines. Her observations of people’s tone, physiology and subtext are truly admirable.  One always feels safe with Bobbie. She is a very good listener and also has the ability to appropriately interrupt when required to keep me on track for my goals. 

On an end note, it was an absolutely wonderful experience working with Bobbie. She opened up some insightful areas for me to reflect upon as I go forward in my career. I know Bobbie is going to be a huge success and provide so much goodness and help to her clients as she moves forward with this aspect of her portfolio career. Much thanks and respect ! You are one of my favs, It’s totally acceptable to know your worth. You taught me that, so I touché it right back!

(8 Sessions)

Daniel Fathers

Daniel Fathers

Actor, Executive Producer, Development Mentor and Consultant

Our sessions helped me to re-evaluate my work/life balance with a particular focus on creating boundaries during this period of remote working where anyone can contact me at any time. Most of all, the sessions helped me to voice frustrations that had been lying within but I hadn’t given myself permission to express yet. I loved the life purpose tool SO MUCH. It felt creative, fun, freeing but also, on a serious note, it helped me to understand what exactly I was trying to achieve on a meta level. And the metaphorical creative aspect really opened my mind for a wider exploration of the possibilities. 

I think your warm and friendly manner was essential in terms of helping me to open up and feel safe. You had no issues in establishing a rapport with me and I never felt resistance to any of your questions. Your pacing was always calm and organised. You were also able to hold me to account with kindness. 

I would 100% recommend you to other people looking for coaching. I think from my experience with you, it seems that you would be a particularly good fit with creatives who are able and willing to think outside the box a bit more and open up to meta levels in order to work back down to the nitty-gritty. 

I have found our sessions really useful, I feel we have a really good flow and rapport when talking, and have really looked forward to them. What has stood out the most is the way in which Bobbie really listens to me and I really feel like she understands me as a person. Often my thoughts feel really muddled at the beginning of the session but by the end, things become much clearer and I have a clear sense of how I can shape my thinking to move forward in a positive way. I really like the way she echos back my thoughts in a distilled way – this really provides clarity.  I particularly value her encouragement but at the same time the way in which she encourages me to challenge myself. As a result of the coaching, I am much more self-aware and find myself coming back to the targets we have set. You leave me feeling empowered and confident.

(4 Sessions)


Educator and Researcher

I wanted to explore work-life balance with a view to manage my stress levels and find a way to enjoy work as a default attitude, rather than experiencing work as an overwhelming assortment of other people’s demands on me. ​This has definitely been addressed, and in really unexpected ways too. ​It was so lovely working with Bobbie. Her warm and calm energy provided the perfect space for me to feel comfortable talking openly about challenges and past experiences. “I highly recommend Bobbie for anyone who is looking for a happier and more fulfilling life!”


I requested coaching to assist me through the challenges that come with a new career move. The challenge was stepping into a new role as a data analyst which required adapting my communication and social skills to support a team of marketing managers (here and abroad) such that we have a productive and amicable working relationship.

I identified the focus of my coaching as how I can improve my communication with colleagues. 

We did this by

1). discussing the difficulties I experienced,

2) identifying opportunities at work to improve these difficulties (action items I can do),

3) attempting the opportunity

4) reviewing

As a result of this approach I have improved my communication skills, management approach and group dynamic through making efforts in interpersonal communication and regular group participation. The coaching has given me this insight and through the practical tasks I have carried out I feel I now have the communication and social skills to face similar types of situations in the future.


It has been great working with you. I felt we got on well together; very good co-operation. I found our sessions very interesting and positive. It was good to explore different perspectives and I like the way you asked questions helping me reaslise and highlight things I haven’t seen or I have seen but not connected. You have amazing empathy, and listening and perceiving skills. I don’t see those voices of the past in me anymore!

(12 sessions)


I am loving my work with Bobbie, she is the kindest and most gentle support and confronts me with the issues I need to face with so much love that I feel it’s worth delving deeper to my core to fathom out what I want from my life and future.  Never an easy journey but the mentor is clear, strong and keeps pulling me forward. I don’t see Bobbie letting me off the hook lightly! I highly recommend Bobbie’s coaching.


Bobbie is such an insightful listener and very clever at joining threads together from different parts of the conversation. There was something I said at the start of our last session which she remembered and linked to something I mentioned at the end which formed a bit of a ‘lightbulb’ moment!  The main thing I have taken away is that decisions don’t have to pose a threat. I have also deepened my understanding of what is within and outside of my control. I felt treated with respect and fully in control of the situation and how the conversations progressed. I absolutely recommend Bobbie as a coach. 


I cannot recommend Roberta highly enough. I went in to our coaching sessions with some very tangled knots and she gently and perceptively helped me to unravel my concerns and loosen these knots. I felt supported and heard: Roberta listened attentively while simultaneously steering me with questions that got to the crux of the issue. Her questioning and helpful resources gave fresh thought as well as renewed focus and energy and I have been sincerely grateful for her insight.

(2 sessions out of 4)


Coaching is a personal process, I have been guided by my clients’ preferences regarding usage of names and professions in all instances.